case: Bay Area Floors Logo Refresh

Posted by Dustin Macdonald on June 1, 2023


Bay Area Floors, a local, well-known flooring company, approached our design and marketing firm with a unique challenge—to revamp their outdated and amateur-looking logo. While they appreciated the inclusion of a lighthouse, a rollercoaster, and a swoosh in their existing logo, they felt that the design was too intricate and lacked a professional touch. Our task was to create a refreshed and modern look for their logo, while preserving the essential elements and brand recognition associated with its layout and structure.


We embarked on a comprehensive creative process to transform Bay Area Floors’ logo into a visually compelling and contemporary representation. Our goal was to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and brand identity, ensuring that the logo exuded professionalism and clarity.

Simplifying the Design

The first step involved streamlining the design elements of the logo. By carefully removing excessive details and unnecessary complexity, we were able to achieve a cleaner and more refined look. The iconic lighthouse, symbolizing guidance and trust, was given a modern and minimalist makeover. Likewise, the rollercoaster and swoosh, representing excitement and motion, underwent transformations that retained their essence while embracing a more streamlined appearance.

Bold and Legible Typography

To enhance the overall impact of the logo, we opted for bold and easy-to-read typography. The previous logo’s outdated, ALL-CAPS font was replaced with a clean, modern typeface that exuded professionalism and legibility. This change not only improved the overall aesthetic but also ensured that the logo could be easily recognized and understood by customers, reinforcing Bay Area Floors’ brand presence.


The result of our collaborative efforts was a striking new logo that perfectly captured Bay Area Floors’ vision for a modern and professional identity. The cleaned-up design elements, paired with the bold and legible typography, breathed new life into the logo, elevating its visual appeal and strengthening its brand recognition.

The owner of Bay Area Floors, Scott, expressed his delight with the redesign, stating, “Perfect!” His satisfaction and appreciation validated our creative process and dedication to delivering a logo that exceeded their expectations.


At Macdonald Design LLC, we understand the importance of refreshing a brand’s identity while retaining its core elements. The Bay Area Floors logo redesign project allowed us to showcase our expertise in striking the right balance between modernity and brand recognition. By simplifying the design, embracing bolder typography, and enhancing overall 

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