case: Happy Days Children’s Learning Center

Posted by Dustin Macdonald on August 18, 2023


In the realm of digital transformation, success often arises from a combination of skill, experience, and empathy. Happy Days Child Learning Center (Happy Days CLC) embarked on a mission to revamp its online presence, and in collaboration with Macdonald Design LLC, this endeavor reached new heights. With the unique advantage of firsthand experience as parents and content creators, Macdonald Design LLC played a pivotal role in not only designing the website but also crafting its content and visuals. This case study delves into the multi-dimensional collaboration between Macdonald Design LLC and Happy Days CLC.

Challenges and Objectives

As a web development firm with a personal connection to Happy Days CLC, Macdonald Design LLC had a profound understanding of the center’s ethos. The challenges and objectives, therefore, had a dual dimension:

Holistic Transformation: Macdonald Design LLC aimed to create a comprehensive digital experience by not only redesigning the website but also curating its content and capturing visual assets.

Parent-Centric Approach: The focus was on crafting a website tailored to busy parents, accessible via mobile devices, while capturing the essence of Happy Days CLC’s nurturing environment.

Content Creation and Visual Storytelling: Beyond design, Macdonald Design LLC undertook content writing and 360-degree photography to authentically represent the center’s community and facilities.

Solution and Implementation

Leveraging their unique position as both professionals and parents, Macdonald Design LLC devised an integrated solution that addressed all dimensions of the project:

Empathetic Design and Content: The team designed the website with a mobile-first approach, aligning with the busy lives of parents. Simultaneously, they curated content that resonated with parents’ needs and aspirations.

360-Degree Visuals: With expertise in content creation, Macdonald Design LLC captured 360-degree photography, offering virtual tours that enabled parents to explore facilities at their convenience.

Parent Testimonials and Community Photos: By incorporating parent testimonials and community photos, the website came alive with the authentic experiences of the Happy Days CLC community.

Seamless Enrollment Process: Macdonald Design LLC streamlined the enrollment process through user-friendly online forms, ensuring a seamless journey for parents.

Outcomes and Impact

The multi-faceted collaboration between Macdonald Design LLC and Happy Days CLC resulted in a transformative impact:

One-Page+ Unified User Experience: The integration of design, content, and visuals created a unified user experience that resonated with busy parents.  The One-Page+ format offers quick and efficient access to information, while enabling parents to drill down for more detail.

Authentic Storytelling: The inclusion of parent testimonials and community photos enriched the website with authentic storytelling, fostering trust and emotional connections.

Immersive Exploration: The 360-degree virtual tours revolutionized facility exploration, enabling parents to immerse themselves in Happy Days CLC’s environment remotely.

Streamlined Enrollment: The seamless online enrollment process reduced friction for parents, showcasing the intersection of efficient design and user-friendly content.


Macdonald Design LLC’s involvement in the transformation of Happy Days CLC’s website exemplifies the synergy that emerges when professional expertise intertwines with personal experience. By adopting an empathetic approach and embracing content creation and visual storytelling, they breathed life into the digital presence of Happy Days CLC. This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of understanding, creativity, and shared values in shaping a successful project. Through this partnership, Happy Days CLC’s website continues to shine as a beacon of community, nurturing, and excellence, reaching parents on their terms and resonating with their aspirations.