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Posted by Dustin Macdonald on May 8, 2024

Enhancing Rick Mack’s Business Ventures through Strategic WordPress Conversion

Client Overview

Richard “Rick Mack” McCloskey, an adept craftsman and photographer, operates two distinct business lines: a woodworking enterprise specializing in Woodie Cars and a car-culture photography business, including documenting the 1972 cruising scene on Van Nuys Boulevard. His photography has become iconic and highly collectible, now woven into the cultural history of Los Angeles and Southern California. Rick’s engagement with Macdonald Design LLC was driven by the need to overcome the operational limitations of his previous GoDaddy websites.


Rick’s GoDaddy websites, though modern-looking, were not conducive to efficient management or expansion:

  • Restrictive Management: The GoDaddy platform made content updates and site management unwieldy.
  • Inefficient Sales Process: The sales process was manual and cumbersome, involving extensive email exchanges.
  • Lack of Integrated Marketing Tools: There was a clear need for a system that supported dynamic marketing strategies to better promote and sell his products.


  • Transition to a flexible, powerful CMS: Convert existing websites to WordPress for enhanced usability and control.
  • Centralize e-commerce operations: Implement an efficient online sales system for selected products.
  • Bolster marketing capabilities: Set up the infrastructure for advanced marketing tactics.

Strategic Execution

Our approach differentiated the needs of Rick’s two business websites while centralizing e-commerce functions for efficiency.

  1. Website Conversion and Theme Development:

    • (Woodworking): This site was meticulously converted to a custom WordPress theme, which replicated the original aesthetic to maintain brand consistency while enhancing backend capabilities. The site was optimized for content management and integrated links to direct customers to the central e-commerce platform for product purchases.
    • (Photography): We transitioned this website to WordPress, enhancing its capacity to manage large-scale image galleries and optimizing it for high-resolution displays. This site now serves as a detailed gallery showcasing Rick’s photographic work and directs customers to the central store for purchasing related high-end prints and books.
  2. Centralized E-commerce Implementation:

    • We chose WooCommerce to power this centralized e-commerce site due to its flexibility and robustness, ideal for Rick’s diverse product offerings. This site exclusively handles all sales transactions, providing a streamlined shopping experience from browsing to payment. Only products directly available for sale, such as Rick’s book and selected prints, are listed here, with seamless linkage from his other sites.
  3. Marketing Enhancements:

    • With the new websites and centralized sales platform in place, we initiated targeted digital marketing strategies, including SEO enhancements and stressed the need for consistent social media engagement, to maximize online visibility and drive sales.

Impactful Results

The transformation led to a significant uplift in operational efficiency and user engagement. Rick now enjoys streamlined content management across his sites and a centralized sales process that simplifies transactions for his customers. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with noticeable improvements in the sales process and site usability.

From Richard “Rick Mack” McCloskey:

“Thank you, Dustin, for the very professional creation and redevelopment of my websites. The process was not only intensive, extensive, but also a great learning experience. The results are absolutely terrific. I am looking forward to the continuation and further development of both of my websites.”
— Rick

Future Directions

Our ongoing partnership with Rick will focus on leveraging the robust platforms we’ve developed to further amplify his online presence and sales. Continuous optimization of marketing strategies will ensure his ventures remain competitive and visible in a dynamic digital landscape.


This case study underscores Macdonald Design LLC’s expertise in creating tailored web solutions that address specific business needs. By transitioning Rick Mack’s operations to WordPress and centralizing his e-commerce with WooCommerce, we have empowered him with the tools necessary for business growth and operational efficiency.

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