case: Rain or Shine Sunglasses

Posted by Dustin Macdonald on April 5, 2021

Rain or Shine was a cozy sunglass shop in the heart of the Capitola Village and eventually in san Jose, Ca and Healdsburg, California. We worked closely with the owner, David Davis, for many years starting in 1999 until he sold the Capitola business to Sunglass Hut in 2006 and the Healdsburg business in 2009.

He came to us through a mutual friend in 1999 in need of a new logo. We met at his shop and had a great talk about what he was looking for. With a name like “Rain or Shine” and products like sunglasses and umbrellas (the rain part), there were a lot of directions to go. We worked though a lot of iterations until the eye-wave concept nearly blinded me and rained down on me with soap in my eyes. Ah ha!

We did many things with them over the years as his business grew. From window signs to sale signs to ads to just about everything else. We did it all for them. And, we had a lot of fun with it.

We built their first, second and third websites including an online store which was no small feat back then. We didn’t have the online e-commerce tools that we have now.

We were their design department and marketing strategy partner. We worked with them constantly in Capitola until the 2006 acquisition continuing until they finally sold the Healdsburg business in 2009.

It was a pleasure working with them and helping them grow their business over the years.

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