case: CSC Group

Posted by Dustin Macdonald on February 5, 2021

We started working with CSC Group in 1998 producing flyers for their optical frame and lab business, then in Santa Cruz, now in Watsonville. At that point they were the #5 lab in the nation. They were eventually acquired by Essilor, the #1 Lab, a few years ago.

Over the years we produced untold numbers of projects for them; brochures, ads, product packaging, photography, price catalogs, and much, much more. We produced their annual 65-page from catalog for a number of years which we eventually took digital. We worked closely with everyone in the company including the company’s owner and CEO, marketing and sales people all the way to warehouse staff over the years.

The frame catalog was a feat unto itself. It had over 1000 different frame style with a range of colors. The final product each years combines 3500+ photos, frame specs and lifestyle images. We organized the professional frame photo shoot every year. Created lifestyle imagery. Coordinated with the photographers and post for the digital files. Designed the covers and most of the ads in the catalog. And combine and produced the catalog itself. We kept databases of the styles coming in new, and which ones were is going out. Basically, it was a huge project every year. Exciting stuff!

On the web side, we created their first and second websites. Eventually, we built in an ordering system for their larger clients. They were not a retail business, it was for their resellers. We also brought their entire frame and stock-lens catalog online.

We were their design department handling all aspects of design for the company of over 200 employees on 4 continents for most of the 14 years we worked with them. They were recently acquired by Essilor in 2012. They were the #2 lab in the nation at time of acquisition.

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