case: RB Plumbing

Posted by Dustin Macdonald on January 5, 2020

RB Plumbing came to me in 2010 for a look for his plumbing contracting company in Santa Cruz. He’s a local surfer and plumbing contractor and needed a look that conveyed his style, profession and personal interests; surfer, plumber, and fun!

We started as usual, with the logo. After meeting with him over coffee at Coffetopia a couple of times we decided on themes of water and waves, and got down to sketching. This led us to the water drop / wave logo. We went with a fun font as well. It really fits his happy, fun nature, something that carries over to how he works with his clients.

The next thing any plumbing contractor needs is a business card. We made it simple and fun with a watery effect that gave the feeling of the logo about to drip into water which gave the card dimension. It eventually also became a refrigerator magnet and is seen on many a refrigerator around Santa Cruz as his business grows.

We also made job-site shirt designs for him and his crew so they look professional when out in the field. And it eventually went on his plumbing trucks as well.

We created a website for him since that is a must-have for anyone doing business in and around silicon valley. It can be found at (update: the website is no longer available as the business has closed).

Update: RB Plumbing is no longer in business, but you can catch up with John Ribera at his new profession as a top-rated Realtor®!

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